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Month: July 2022

IRS Calls and Texts are Likely Fraudulent

There can never been enough reminders about how to avoid scams, as fraudsters get more sophisticated every year.  The IRS has joined the effort to let people know important ways to avoid scams involving the IRS.  While it is possible that the IRS will call or visit a...

Identity Theft Warnings Abound

The IRS Security Summit reminds tax professionals to take additional precautions to safeguard client data.  The annual Security Summit campaign begins July 19th, with a series of five weekly news releases with information on how to protect federal and state tax...

Death and Taxes and Portability, Oh My!

While nothing may be as certain as death and taxes, nothing is as confusing as estate taxes on death. The estate tax is the single highest tax rate a person (or rather their state) will ever pay, currently capping out at a federal rate of 40% on assets over $12.06...


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