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Our Firm’s Practice Areas

The Law Office of Williams & Associates, P.C., offers the resources of a large law firm with the personal service of a focused practice. We have significant experience in all areas of federal and California state tax laws.

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  • Tax litigation : Our lawyers litigate disputes over proposed deficiencies and other federal tax actions in the U.S. Tax Court, and other federal and state courts. We also negotiate with tax authorities to avoid litigation whenever possible.
  • Tax audits, appeals, protests and settlements : We represent individuals and businesses nationwide regarding their federal and California state tax matters in all stages of tax audits, appeals, protests and settlements.
  • Responsible officer liability : We represent clients facing the onerous trust fund recovery penalty assessed to individuals personally when a business they are connected to has unpaid taxes.
  • Business and employment tax matters : We represent business owners with issues such as payroll tax, trust fund recovery penalties, and worker classification/independent contractor disputes before the IRS and the EDD.
  • Worker classification issues : We provide skilled guidance in forming legitimate contractor relationships, reviewing clients’ current business practices and representing businesses in tax audits.
  • Wage and hour matters : We represent businesses in the defense of wage and hour claims against governmental agencies as well as against individual plaintiffs.
  • Sales and use tax compliance : We can guide you through the complicated and changing world of California state taxes related to out-of-state and online sales.
  • California and multistate tax compliance : We often represent multistate and out-of-state businesses in California tax matters such as income tax, sales and use tax, fuel tax, excise tax, tobacco tax and medical marijuana tax. We also represent clients in California criminal investigations, including those initiated by the California Tax Recovery and Criminal Enforcement (TRaCE) Task Force.
  • California nexus and residency issues : We represent individuals and businesses before the California FTB, CDTFA and BOE when issues of residency or domicile are disputed, or nexus is challenged. Our firm can help you determine if your enterprise meets the state’s nexus standards, or if you meet California’s residency status requirements, and what to do if you owe taxes as a result.
  • Tax collection issues, liens and levies : Our lawyers help clients with tax liabilities to address liens and levies, and negotiate payment arrangements with the tax authorities.
  • Installment agreements and offers in compromise : We negotiate installment agreements and offers in compromise to resolve tax liabilities.
  • Tax refund claims and penalty abatements : If you think you overpaid a tax liability or that penalties were unfairly assessed, our lawyers will work to help abate penalties and recover overpayments.
  • Criminal tax matters : We defend people who are investigated or charged with tax crimes such as tax evasion, willful failure to file a tax return and filing fraudulent tax returns by federal and state agencies, including the California Tax Recovery and Criminal Enforcement (TRaCE) Task Force.
  • Tax compliance : Our lawyers handle IRS and state tax compliance regarding income tax, sales and use tax, employment tax, excise tax, estate and gift tax, property tax, and tax penalties before the tax authorities.
  • Cryptocurrency compliance : Our lawyers know the law regarding cryptocurrency compliance, and can help reduce penalties if you are not in compliance, or can represent you if you are investigated regarding digital assets.
  • Voluntary disclosure and amnesty programs : Our attorneys regularly represent clients with state and federal voluntary disclosure, and amnesty programs concerning income tax, and sales and use tax matters.
  • International tax : We represent individuals and business owners with issues involving offshore bank accounts, and we provide consultations to foreign financial institutions regarding the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
  • Entity formation and dissolution : We can advise you of the tax consequences and assist you with the forming of a business, as well as changing its structure, reviving a suspended business, or closing a business.
  • Skilled services : Our skilled services include IRS private letter ruling requests, expert witness testimony, grand jury representation, Freedom of Information Act requests, California attorney-client fee arbitration, and Circular 230 matters.

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