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Guidance on Worker Classification Issues

Are the people who perform services for your business independent contractors, or employees? It makes a difference when it comes to certain taxes that must be withheld and paid to the IRS and EDD for employees. Many California businesses that utilize independent contractor services come under the scrutiny of the IRS or the EDD regarding the classification of these workers. The tax audit and petition process can be confusing and frustrating.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Williams & Associates, P.C., provide skilled guidance in forming legitimate contractor relationships, reviewing your current business practices and representing your business in a tax audit. If you have already been assessed for misclassification of workers, we can represent you in an appeal before the IRS or file a petition on your behalf before the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board regarding a contested EDD assessment.

How Do State and Federal Authorities Determine a Worker’s Classification?

Factors for determining proper worker classification vary at the state and federal levels, but both focus initially on whether a company exerts control over, or has the right to control, the worker. Other factors about the nature of the work relationship are used to guide determination if the right to control is absent or undetermined.

Our firm has a successful track record in guiding employers through the process of determining the correct worker classification, providing representation at audits and defending against government claims of misclassification. From our office in Sacramento, our attorneys represent individuals and businesses from California, throughout the United States and abroad.

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