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Online Options for Paying Taxes and Payment Plans

by | Mar 22, 2024 | IRS, Tax Debt |

The IRS has several online options to assist taxpayers with timely payments to reduce or eliminate late fees and penalties.  Once the taxpayer creates an online account through the IRS’ online portal, the taxpayer can choose among options to pay including Direct Pay, IRS2Go, Electronic Funds Withdrawal and Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

For taxpayers who are unable to pay the full amount owed to the IRS, the IRS offers flexible payment plans online. Taxpayers can qualify for a short-term payment plan online if they owe less than $100,000 in combined tax, interest and penalties and can pay off the balance over six months.  If a taxpayer needs more time or has a smaller balance (under $50,000), a long-term Installment Agreement may be more appropriate.  A long-term agreement allows taxpayers up to 72 months (six years) to pay their balance due to the IRS. To apply for these payment plans, taxpayers can click here https://www.irs.gov/payments/online-payment-agreement-application or contact our office if you prefer to have an attorney assist with this process or help determine if you qualify for another program the IRS officers including longer-term Installment Agreements for amounts over $50,000 or an Offer in Compromise.


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