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Month: February 2020

High-Income Earners a Target for the IRS

Money may buy a lot of things, but it won’t buy time with the IRS.  In an effort to ensure compliance and fairness, the IRS stated it will increase efforts concerning high-income taxpayers who have filed to timely file one or more years of tax returns. Read more...

Uber and Postmates Denied Injunctive Relief Against AB 5

Uber and Postmates hit another AB 5 roadblock this month when a California district court refused to enjoin enforcement of AB 5, finding that AB 5 is rationally related to the state’s valid interest in preventing misclassification of works, that the plaintiffs could...

Avoid “Ghost” Tax Return Preparers

The IRS recently warned taxpayers about a trend that could ultimately leave taxpayers spooked. Whenever taxpayers pay a professional to prepare their tax return, the tax professional must sign the tax return and include their PTIN number on the return.  A “ghost” tax...


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