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FTB First Time Penalty Abatement Proposed

The FTB may be getting on board with the IRS by offering a first-time penalty abatement for qualified taxpayers.  The relief would begin with tax year 2022 and provide one-time relief of failure-to-file or failure-to-pay penalties.  This is just one of the provisions...

IRS Inventory Report – 2021 Returns Completed

The IRS has been working hard to catch up on the processing of 2021 income tax returns and related correspondence that were delayed due to the pandemic and staffing shortages.  More than 4.7 million original individual income tax returns were filed in 2021; by the end...

Rental Properties are Hot – Handle with Care

With more people looking to move into homes with an office to work from home these days, some taxpayers are trying their hands as landlords. While a property owner must report rental income, there are many deductions including repairs, operating expenses, and...


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