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Unemployment Benefit Fraud – What To Do

While the state and federal law enforcement agencies aggressively target those committing fraud for COVID-19 relief payments and unemployment compensation claims, be aware that if someone has filed a claim using your social security information, you will receive Form...

AB 5-Compliant Independent Contractor Agreements

Assembly Bill 5 was passed and signed into law in September 2019. The bill instituted the new California worker classification test, the ABC Test (Labor Code section 2750.3), which states that a worker is an independent contractor only if the company hiring the worker...

Uber and Postmates Denied Injunctive Relief Against AB 5

Uber and Postmates hit another AB 5 roadblock this month when a California district court refused to enjoin enforcement of AB 5, finding that AB 5 is rationally related to the state’s valid interest in preventing misclassification of works, that the plaintiffs could...


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