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Month: March 2022

Claim Your 2018 Tax Refund before it’s Too Late

Have you filed your 2018 federal tax return? If not, you could be one of the estimated 1.5 million taxpayers who did not file for 2018 and could be owed a tax refund. The IRS released a reminder today stating there is almost $1.5 billion in unclaimed tax refunds due,...

IRS Hopes To Hire 5,000 in 2022

As the IRS continues to catch up with its backlog of processing 2020 income tax returns, and in an effort to more efficiently serve taxpayers this tax season, the IRS has announced they will be hiring for more than 5,000 open positions.  These new customer service...

What Triggers an IRS Audit?

The Wall Street Journal listed 10 Red Flags that the IRS looks out for. Tax credits for children, healthcare premiums, earned income, and now pandemic related grants, loans, and credits make up a majority of their list. Other red flags are small business, especially...


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