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Month: October 2020

Go Big and Go to Prison

A Michigan attorney and owner of Legal Genius, P.L.L.C. managed to defraud the IRS, embezzle funds, and steal police department traffic crash reports in order to solicit crash victims for personal injury lawyers, chiropractors, and other healthcare and business...

Rolling in Dough(nuts)

The family of three Dippin Donut stores in New York were figuratively rolling in dough when they allegedly concealed over a million dollars in cash sales by depositing the money into their personal accounts instead of their business accounts.  The trio also evaded...

Coming Clean is Costly

Robert Smith, CEO of a San Francisco-based company, committed serious financial crimes including his involvement in an illegal scheme to hide income for 15 years and evade millions of dollars in taxes by using offshore trusts and bank accounts. He used his tax savings...


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