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IRS Increases Sophistication to Match Identity Criminals

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2016 | Tax Crimes |

The Internal Revenue Service has been working with the states and tax professionals to increase security for taxpayers. The IRS reminds taxpayers of scams to avoid as part of its “Dirty Dozen” series. Identity theft at tax season is the first on its list.

The IRS defines tax-related identity theft as “someone [using] your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund.” Thousands of identity thieves have been caught and convicted in the last three years alone, but this crime remains cause for concern.

As stated on their website, “the IRS understands that identity theft is a frustrating, complex process for victims. While identity thieves steal information from sources outside the tax system, the IRS is often the first to inform a victim that identity theft occurred. The IRS is working hard to resolve identity theft cases as quickly as possible.”

In the meantime, you can educate yourself to protect your identity better this tax season. The IRS has created the following videos related to identity protection for taxpayers. Click the links to watch them on YouTube:

For more information, read the full press release here: https://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Identity-Theft-an-Ongoing-Concern-on-the-IRS-Annual-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-to-Avoid


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