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IRS Plan to Modernize, Improve, and Protect

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | IRS |

The IRS has established a plan to modernize its systems with an eye toward better service to taxpayers. Cybersecurity is a top priority for the IRS in 2019, as is protecting taxpayer data. The newly released plan outlines a six-year strategy to expand taxpayers’ access to their own information and customer support options, to increase secure systems available for tax practitioners’ use, and to streamline implementation of new tax provisions.

“Modernized systems are the key component to delivering quality service to taxpayers, providing efficient and robust enforcement activities and keeping taxpayer data secure,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “The integrity of our nation’s tax system depends on modernizing IRS operations and the supporting technical pieces.”

The IRS Integrated Modernization Business Plan may cost up to $2.7 billion through FY2024, and will be implemented in two 3-year phases. To read more, click here.


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