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California Wants Teachers, Proposes State Income Tax Exemption to Keep Them

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | New Laws |

California Senate Bill No. 807, introduced February 17, 2017, proposes various tax credits and exemptions aimed at attracting and retaining educators. Legislators hope to offer qualifying taxpayers a credit against their net tax equal to qualified costs paid or incurred in a given year to earn a full teaching credential. Taxpayers who have taught in a classroom for at least five years would be exempt from paying state taxes on that income.

“The teaching profession is critical to California’s economic success and impacts every vocation and profession in the state,” said Los Angeles Senator Henry Stern, one of the lawmakers who introduced the bill. “SB 807 addresses the immediate teacher shortage and sends a loud and clear message across the state and nation: California values teachers.”

The full text of the proposed bill is available here.

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