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FTB Offers FAQ for Enhanced myFTB Website

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2016 | FTB |

California’s Franchise Tax Board, which is responsible for administering the state’s personal income tax and corporation tax programs, has recently launched an enhanced version of the website California taxpayers use to file and pay their taxes. The improved site, “myFTB,” allows individuals to access account information, take advantage of convenient online services, and communicate with FTB representatives.

Registration with the new myFTB website is not required to access and use other services from the FTB. For example, individuals and businesses can continue to use Web Pay services to pay their California taxes without registering with the enhanced site. You can also use the state’s free filing tool, CalFile, without registering on myFTB. CalFile is “an easy-to-use e-file option available to more than 6.4 million taxpayers who have incomes of as much as $357,417, itemized deductions, and are eligible for certain tax credits.”


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