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Bank Leumi to Pay the U.S. $270 Million

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2015 | International Tax Law |

After helping taxpayers hide assets in offshore bank accounts for more than 10 years, Bank Leumi entered into an agreement with the Department of Justice in which it will pay the United States $270 million as a penalty and will make a full and complete disclosure of its U.S. Taxpayer-held accounts. As recently as 2011, Bank Leumi admits to taking affirmative and extensive steps to assist U.S. Clients in concealing assets offshore including secretly meeting with U.S. Clients in hotels, parks and coffee shops, using nominee corporate entities in Belize and other foreign tax jurisdictions, hiding the true account owner identities, providing mail hold services to make account detection more difficult, and assisting clients who had accounts at UBS and other financial institutions undergoing criminal investigation by the Department of Justice in moving funds to other secret accounts.

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