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IRS believes tax controversy is over

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Tax Controversy |

The IRS recently announced that it was granting tax-exempt status to True the Vote. The IRS and the Department of Justice may believe that this tax controversy may be over, but True the Vote says there are still questions that it needs answered. As many businesses in California who have had dealings with the IRS know, just because an announcement has been made doesn’t mean that the paperwork has been completed.

The organization still hasn’t received its letter confirming tax-exempt status. Then there is the question of the damages that True the Vote asked for relating to the fact that it had to wait three years to receive the status. The organization also wants to know what the IRS intends to do with the confidential information the organization provided, and what it intends to do about an alleged violation of the rights of True the Vote’s employees.

The charitable and educational organization has been waiting for nearly three years to receive tax-exempt status. True the Vote decided it would be in its best interest to file a lawsuit against the IRS when it came to light that conservative organizations were being targeting by the IRS. The Department of Justice has asked that the lawsuit be dismissed, but due to True the Vote’s additional concerns, it may not be dismissed right away.

In light of what has been revealed about the IRS and its alleged propensity to target conservative non-profit groups, this may not be the last tax controversy filed in connection with this issue. Any California business that feels it has not been treated fairly by the IRS has the right to do as True the Vote did. With the proper advice and assistance, an organization may be able to obtain its tax-exempt status through the courts.

Source: The Daily Caller, Conservative group suing IRS receives tax-exempt status, Caroline May, Sept. 23, 2013


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