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Express Delivery FBAR Address and Mandatory Electronic Filing of FBAR Forms

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2013 | International Tax Law, IRS |

As you likely are aware, FBARs are due June 30th, which is a date that cannot be extended, even when June 30th is on a weekend, as it is this year. Therefore, FBARs are due to be received by the Department of the Treasury in Detroit, Michigan, by Friday, June 28th. On page one of the FBAR, a post office box is listed for mailing. However, if you want to send your FBAR by FedEx or UPS, you may send FBARs by express delivery to:

However, you may also send FBARs by express delivery service to:

IRS Enterprise Computing Center
ATTN: CTR Operations Mailroom, 4th Floor
985 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Starting next Monday, July 1st, FBARs must be filed electronically, with some exceptions. For more details about e-filing FBARs, please click here.


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