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What does the government’s letter really mean? Do you need a lawyer?

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This fall the FTB issued a Notice of Proposed Assessment concerning a client’s 2006 taxes. Specifically, the FTB was proposing an assessment that would result in our client paying thousands of dollars in additional tax, penalties and interest. Our client was about to consent to the assessment and pay the FTB! However, our office determined the FTB’s Notice of Proposed Assessment was issued before the FTB processed our client’s 2006 tax return. Our office filed a protest with the FTB and proved the IRS had already accepted the taxpayer’s 2006 tax return as filed. As a result, the FTB withdrew its Notice of Proposed Assessment. Had our client not enlisted our help, he would have paid the FTB the additional tax, interest, and penalties and had to wait for the FTB to refund his money once the FTB processed his 2006 tax return.

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