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Multi-State Tax Compliance Lawyers

Dealing with California tax authorities is complicated enough if you are located in California.  If you live in another state, it can be even more difficult.  If you are involved with a tax issue in California, our lawyers are here to help.

At the Law Office of Williams & Associates, P.C., our practice focuses on tax law issues such as tax compliance for multi-state businesses and individuals. From our office in Sacramento, our lawyers have represented individuals and businesses in California and more than 40 different states.

The following are examples of the types of issues we handle:

  • Sales and use tax audits and appeals: Sales tax is collected by retailers in California. The California use tax is levied on goods used, stored or consumed in California when the goods are purchased from a multi-state seller. Our lawyers are familiar with tax collection issues, appeals and amnesty programs involving these taxes.
  • Special fees and taxes: If your business has an operation in the state, you may be subject to specialty taxes and fees such as the diesel fuel tax, excise tax and environmental waste fees. Our lawyers have been involved in motor vehicle fuel tax disputes in all state courts up through the California Supreme Court.
  • Multi-state corporations: If your corporation has employees in California, you are responsible for collecting and paying state payroll taxes. If your business sells tangible personal property in California, you may be responsible for collecting and paying use tax in California. Our lawyers can advise you on tax elections that will result in an accurate tax bill and can determine if an exemption applies so that you can avoid compliance problems in the future.
  • Exit strategies: If you want to change your residence from California to another state and do not want to pay California income taxes after your move, our lawyers can advise you on exit strategies that comply with state law.

With our Sacramento location, we are less than 10 minutes away from state tax agencies such as the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), the Employment Development Department (EDD) and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA – formerly the State Board of Equalization (BOE)). With a power of attorney, we can appear before tax authorities on your behalf.

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