Wage and Hour Matters

In recent years, the U.S. Department of Labor, the California Department of Industrial Relations and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, have stepped up their wage and hour investigations and enforcement actions. Along with this increased governmental scrutiny, private cause-of-action wage and hour disputes have become the most common source of employment-related legal liability facing employers today.

Typical wage and hour claims involve issues such as worker classification, overtime payments, meal and rest period payments and the exempt/non-exempt status of employees. These matters often arise when a former worker files a claim with the EDD. Other times, enforcement efforts by a state or federal agency may trigger an inquiry into a business' practices.

The Law Office of Williams and Associates has successfully represented its employer clients in a variety of labor law issues, and prides itself in its cost-effective results for the employer. Attorney Jim Bourbeau represents clients in the defense of wage and hour claims by both governmental agencies and plaintiffs. Jim has successfully removed penalties for wage and hour claims that were assessed by governmental agencies and has successfully negotiated wage and hour claims, thus avoiding litigation. Jim has also advised businesses concerning their wage and hour practices, to ensure compliance.

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